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The Dark Knight Rises trailer 3 analysis

I’m a pretty massive Batman fan and I also have a blog. Therefore I feel the desire to over analysis the amazing new trailer for the dark knight rises. Every second contains amazing observations. Guarenteed to contain at least three amazing revelations.

0:00-0:10 Lots of logos kick us off. The tension builds to an almighty height. I should point out that I really hate the new DC logo. Sorry, that thing is hideous.

0:10-0:14 Bruce Wayne with a beard! Film and television has taught me that a previously clean shaven character who grows a beard has fallen pretty deeply down into the pit of despair. No one ever grows a beard for fashion reasons.

0:14-0:17 “There’s a storm coming” OK, the Batman films have been utterly amazing and Christopher Nolan is a genius, but the line “A storm is coming” is such a horrible cliche. Could they really think of nothing better? Or are they attempting to reclaim this line’s awesomeness the same way they’re attempting to reclaim Bane and Catwoman’s awesomeness?

0:17-0:22 Mysterious glimpses of Alfred, Selena and Bane. Internet tells me the Bane shot is from the Imax preview footage from last year.

0:22-0:26 “You sound like you’re looking forward to it”. Seems like this a continuation of the scene between Selena and Bruce at some kind of party where a mask is acceptable. Also more imax preview footage.

0:26-0:28 “I’m adaptable” Anne Hathaway’s casting, while not up there with the “huh?” that greeted Heath Ledger’s casting still raised eyebrows. Looks like she’s really captured the devil may care attitude of Catwoman though.

0:28-0:31 Bane shows off his awesomeness and Nolan shows off his name. Really love the subtly they’re building so far. A nice change from the BWWWWAAAAAA noise that the Inception trailer used and now every trailer copies.

0:32-0:34 “What are you?” “I’m Gotham’s reckoning” One of the biggest controversies of this film has been the fact that Bane is impossible to understand. I don’t know if they’ve tweaked it or if the internet was overreacting but he’s easy to understand here. And I love how offhandedly Bane says this. Like he doesn’t care. Nice that Tom Hardy won’t just be hiding behind a cool mask and muscles.

0:34-0:54 Some amazing footage here. That stadium collapses again. A bride explodes. Guards fire their weapons in the air. People are pulled out from under furniture, screaming. Kids look terrified in a school bus (Is one of them Robin?) Joseph Gordon-Levitt looks distressed (Is he Robin?). All the while the usual sounds we’d hear are muted and all we hear is the eerie piano tune. Will this be the new trailer technique people rip off now?

0:55-0:58 “Did they kill him?” Asks Levitt “I’m not sure” replies a clearly traumatized Selina. Bruce is seen looking a wreck in the caves. He seems to look the same as he did in the second trailer when Bruce and Alfred spoke about the rise chant.

0:58-1:06 “Why didn’t you just kill me?” “Your punishment must be more severe” In Bane’s major appearance, the comic arc Knightfall, he was an incredibly strong, drugged up psychopath who rather than simply storm over to Batman and punch him, set about a long and drawn out campaign to throw lesser enemies at Batman. This was so he could steadily wear down Batman both physically and mentally and only when he was on the utter brink did Bane storm in and shatter Batman’s spine. Although the back shattering itself was what became iconic, the fact that Bane was determined shatter Bruce mentally to the point that he would suffer a broken man for the rest of his days was what made Bane a truly memorable villain. The Batman and Robin film made Bane a grunting strongman, incapable of thought. Nice they’re using the actually good Bane has a basis for the film. Also, why must Bruce be punished? What does he actually want anyway?

1:06-1:08 HOPE IS LOST. Some corners of the internet are determined to create a fight between which comic film is better, Avengers or Dark Knight Rises. While it should be clear that they’re completely different types of films, the fact that one has Robert Downey Jr joking and the other outright says HOPE IS LOST should make it clear they can both exist in harmony.

1:08-1:10 A kid draws a bat symbol and asks Levitt “Do you think he’s coming back?” Is the kid Robin? (At this point in the films, a kid only needs to sneeze in the background in order for him to be pinpointed as Robin)

1:11-1:13 Bane carries a broken piece of Batman’s mask (indicating that rather than being a cool shot for the poster, will actually be a major part of the film). “I don’t know” Replies Levitt to the kid. Who exactly is Levitt playing? He’s apparently a beat cop named John Blake but what role does he play in all this?

1:13-1:17 Selena looks scared, Batman gets the snot kicked out of him and a hardcore looking Bat Tumbler rolls through the streets.

1:18-1:22 “Why would you run?” “You should be afraid of him as I am” Bane looks increasingly hardcore. The scenes of Gotham in chaos increase and the trailer is building in energy.

1:23-1:25 FAITH IS BROKEN. Broken you say? Broken like Batman’s back after Bane dealt with him? Someone loves drawing these comparisons to Knightfall.

1:26-1:32 “I won’t bury you. I’ve buried enough members of the Wayne family” What’s made these films work so incredibly well is that despite the fact that this a character who dresses as a bat to beat up flamboyant lunatics, everyone involved from Nolan to the composer to the actors treats the thing with the utmost level of seriousness. They’re not winking painfully to the audience like Tim Burton and Joel Shumacker. They’re making a proper film dammit.

1:32-1:35 A FIRE WILL RISE. Batman walks forward in response. In Knightfall, Bruce had to call upon a less than sane man to take over his role while his spine was shattered. Will someone fill in that role in the film? Is that what Levitt’s role is?

1:35-1:39 “You don’t owe these people anymore” Anne Hathaway proves beyond a doubt she’ll be awesome. And Bane is now proven to be an exciting villain who will surely match Joker.

1:39-1:44 “You’ve given them everything” Levitt raises his hands in the air (Like he just don’t care) and Morgan Freeman pops up to remind he exists and that he’d really love it if you bought Dolphin Tale on DVD or blu-ray.

1:45-1:50 “Not everything” whispers Batman. Has he ever whispered as Batman before? He normally just growls and snarls. “Not yet”. Seems like Batman is ready to sacrifice himself. What is Bane up to? He’s having a massive brawl and giving Gary Oldman grief by the looks of it.

1:50-1:50 ON JULY 20. That’s too far away!!!!!!!

1:51-1:52 A prisoner does a cool wrist flip. An almighty riot breaks out. Looks like third act material.

1:52-1:56 THE EPIC CONCLUSION. Stuff blows up, Batman fights Bane again, Batman kisses a woman who may or may not be Marion Collitard and who in turn may or may not be playing Talia Al Guhl, Catwoman kicks people.

1:57-2:05 TO THE DARK KNIGHT LEGEND. A new flying bat mobile. Guys race along the street. Bane acts like a military leader. Batman wield some kind of future gun thingy. The music build so much a feel I will explode.

2:05-2:08 BOOM!!! THE DARK KNIGHT RISES appears on screen. The background starts as a bat symbol then seems to evaporate into light. The epic score is replaced by that freaky chant we’ve been hearing for a year. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

2:08-2:15 But wait, there’s a stinger at the end. “My mother warned me about getting into cars with strange men” “This isn’t a car” replies Batman and then has the bat mobile fly over Gotham! Nice that they end it with a little joke. The whole trailer was pretty intense.

2:16-2:18 EXPERIENCE IT IN IMAX. If they still had an Imax in Adelaide I would but alas I’ll have to see it in normal vision. It really is nice they’re not forcing it into 3D.

So what have we learned from this? Not a whole lot really. Although it’s clearly established that the film will be amazing, much of the overall narrative remains shrouded in mystery. Who exactly is Bane? What does he really want? What is Joesph Gordon-Levitt’s role in all this? More importantly, just what part is Marion Collitard playing? She’s been screaming it’s an original character for months now but the internet (And myself included) pinpoint her as Ra’s al Guhl’s daughter, Talia. Liam Neeson will be having a cameo, a guy has been cast as a young Ra’s and a younger girl actress spilled the beans she was playing Talia. It certainly seems like they’ll have a role to play in the whole film.

Plot prediction: The League of Shadows uses Bane and possibly Catwoman to some extent to enact an almighty strike on Gotham city. The goal being to wipe it clean and start a perfect utopia like in Batman Begins. However Bane has his own agenda, specifically one involving a real or imagined rivalry with Batman that leads him to “Break” him in some capacity. Batman, distraught or crippled goes off the grid leaving Gotham to fend for itself. Bane wreaks havoc and almost brings the city to it’s knees. Joesph Gordon-Levitt, feeling helpless, get’s a hold of some bat gear and seeks to resurrect the Dark Knight to fight against the chaos. Bruce gets back in the game despite people telling him otherwise and along the way deals with his female assistant/possible lover who reveals herself to be Talia. Talia either gloats about the chaos or realizes Bane is completely insane. Either way, the whole thing climax at a massive set piece in the city square in which Bruce either dies or passes the torch to Joesph Gordon-Levitt, who may or may not get a Robin along the way to please the fan boys. Either way the Dark Knight effectively rises. We’ll find out July 20. Until then I’ll be replaying Arkham City and reading as much Batman as I can get my hands on.


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