Batman Annual 1 Review




Mr Freeze has been a lot of things over his long history. One not villain obsessed with freezing, break out character given a dramatic and tragic new origin in the Batman Animated Series, turned into a pun spewing monster in the Batman and Robin and even turned into the only boss that actually works really well in either of the Arkham video games. Now, in honor of it being the first Batman Annual in quite some time, current Batman writer updates Mr Freeze for the new 52 universe. But just what changes have been made to the character?


What I liked:


The Art:

From the very first page the thing that strikes you about this comic is how amazing Jason Faboks artwork is. The beautifully sparse image of a boy and his mother crossing ice, Mr Freeze’s vacant red eyes, an ice breakout, everything in this comic really does look astonishing. And considered that the main batman title has had the same artist for 9 issues with no end in sight, letting another work his magic is really great to see.


Mr Freeze himself:

When Mr Freeze is done right, there’s just something that works incredibly well. While most of Batman’s enemies are psychopaths to some degree, having a character who’s whole reason for crime is to resurrect his dead wife is pretty tragic. Though it’s largely undone by the end, for the most part Scott Snyder does Freeze proud by making him a pretty tragic character. A tragic character who’s also pretty bad ass.


The Dynamic Duo:

One of the best things in Batman recently was pairing up Dick Grayson as Batman with young crazy Damien Wayne. The two had a spark that worked in a really cool way. Though their union was sadly (But logically) broken up post-Flashpoint, the two are allowed one brief reunion to face off with Freeze. Can we get these two back together? Please?


One concise story:

The main Batman title has been bleeding out one increasingly tedious story for months now and every other title is wrapped up it’s own little world. It’s great to be able to pick up this title and get a whole story cover to cover that doesn’t require me to research for hours online or collect several tie in issues.


What I’m on the fence about:


Bruce Wayne is a horrible person:

A number of changes are made to Mr Freeze’s origin and while one of them I outright don’t like, another directly blames Bruce Wayne for Freeze’s physical ailment. It all just feels unnecessary to blame Bruce for absolutely every crazy person with a grudge.


What I didn’t like:


Night of the Owls:

For those not in the know, every since Batman relaunched last year, Scott Snyder has been weaving a hit and miss tale that basically involves an ancient society obsessed with owls that employs zombie assassins. This all came to a head in May when a massive cross over with all the Batman titles was launched. This annual bares the logo that it’s part of that cross over and while it does have some mentions to it (including that the zombies live forever through his tech), it ultimately adds absolutely nothing at this point to that overall narrative. Scott Snyder may surprise me by making this whole thing amazingly relevant to the whole Night of the Owls story, but at this point it feels like they just slapped the title on the cover for sales.


The Penguin:

He’s in the comic and ultimately adds nothing. At least nothing I could tell. Maybe they had to pad out the page count?


Freeze’s new look:

He has a Mohawk now. That’s kind of silly. And his suit doesn’t cover his arms. That just looks bizarre.


The somewhat dramatic changes:

Mr Freeze was dramatically reinvented from a forgotten villain into an amazingly tragic figure via the episode “Heart of ice” of the batman animated series from the 90’s (look it up, it won an Emmy). Basically Freeze does all his craziness because he’s desperate to resurrect his wife Nora from cryogenic freezing. It separates him from all of Batman’s genuinely crazy foes in a rather cool way. The annual largely follows this back story until it’s revealed that Mr Freeze was never actually married to Nora. She was just some sick lady who got frozen back in the 40’s and Freeze became so obsessed by her that he genuinely believed she was his wife. This ludicrous and unnecessary back story is made even more unsettling considering that the story is bookened by a young Freeze losing his mother into some ice where we’re told she was preserved before being revived in an incredibly impaired state. The end of the book shows the young Freeze dumping his mother’s wheelchair back into the ice.


Now unless I’m wrong, Scott Snyder seems to be suggesting that Freeze had some weird emotional thing for his mother and now carries that out by trying to resurrect some random lady who’s “Old enough to be his grandmother!” that he pretty much is convinced he’s married to.


This, coupled with Freeze’s offhanded confession that he’d torture and freeze animals when he was a kid basically turned a unique villain into just another psychotic with a hang up. Admittedly a more complex and interesting one than “I want to destroy stuff!” but still incredibly unnecessary considering how tragic and simple his desire to bring his wife back at the cost of his own and others lives was.


These changes are subtle but they really do wreak of a writer wanting to put his own stamp on a character who merely needed to be modernized, not torn down and rebuilt.


The cost:

Ridiculously expensive for such a slight story.



The Batman Annual may end up being a controversial redoing of a Batman adversary or it may be rapidly forgotten. In any event, I found that the good really outweighs the bad, especially when you factor in how beautiful this thing looks. If you can stomach the cost, you’re left with a fun and exciting story. There’s probably nothing here that has to be read though.



Why Half-Life 2 is a pivotal accomplishment in gaming



It’s pretty fair to say that I spend a fair amount of my time gaming. What can I say? There’s something about having the ability to control another man’s body and lead them into an endless conflict! Sure the person is just a fictional character designed to be controlled, but I still enjoy the imaginary thrill that I’m some otherworldly being possessing someone. But while the vast majority of games are kind of rubbish, there are a number I’ve played that have stuck with me and if anything get better each time. Half-Life 2 is one of these games.


First released in late 2004 for the PC, Half-Life 2 was controversial for introducing the online steam distribution model which is one of those things that confounds and angers everyone when it first comes out but after a while everyone wonders what they got so angry about it. Anyway, the game follows the wacky misadventures of mute spectacle d scientist Gordon Freeman who is awakened from a coma in a strange dimension after accidentally releasing an alien invasion at the end of the first game to find the whole world tightly controlled by a creepy alien race. After navigating the Orwellian type world, Freeman steadily amassing the tools and the allies to fight back against the invaders.


First thing first, while Half-Life 2 seems to have an incredibly generic plot that seemingly every first person shooter replicates, what really separates the story is in the telling. HL2 features not one single cut scene. Never are you stopped from you adventure while a crazy movie like sequence plays out, never are you suddenly warped two years into the future with a voice over and never are large amounts of plot information dumped on you in the form of audio recordings. HL2 developers Valve were smart enough to make it so that pretty much every bit of detail in the game is told to you through the absolutely amazing attention to detail.


The opening section is a good example of this. Game play wise, you’re running from a to b meeting with someone then running to c and being chased to d, end level. But Valve utilizes this to set up it’s central narrative in a way I’ve never seen any other game replicate.


Right from the start the player is dumped on a dilapidated train occupied by a couple of miserable looking people in a dull overalls. Looking out the window of the train shows us pulling up an ugly, east European train station. “Well…” remarks one civilian sadly “End of the line”. Upon exiting the player is confronted by various flying security cameras snapping photos. Overlooking the station is a gigantic screen with a bearded man speaking in a condescending tone


Welcome. Welcome to city 17. You have chosen or been chosen to relocate to one of our finest urban relocation centers. I thought so much of city 17 I elected to establish my home here. So whether you are staying or passing through to parts unknown, welcome to city 17. It’s safer here”


Almost immediately that illusion is shattered as the player witnesses one of the civilians from the train beaten by a gas mask wearing guard for trying to retrieve his luggage. At the gate a woman begs “did you see my husband on that train?” Her husband was taken from an incoming train some time ago. But they’re being nice you see! They’re letting her wait there for a man who will never arrive.


Further on, the player wanders through a filthy station. The floors are covered with grime and rubbish, the pay phones are torn out, disturbingly upbeat signs in foreign languages cover the walls, no doubt celebrating the alien oppression. A man begs you not to drink the water because they put something in to make you forget. Civilians are shown to be herded through corridors to their destinations like cattle all while the bearded man who we learn is Dr Wallace Breen prattles on about how wonderful it is that “our benefactors” turned on a force field to stop people breeding, because now we’re free of that horrible desire to make babies. Gas masked guards are all to willing to pummel you with electric rods, often purely because they can (One character remarks about a “beating quota”) Upon finally exiting the station, we’re greeted with the sight of a gigantic blue steel tower overlooking the city which is known as the citadel.


Like I said earlier, the sequence is really short. If one felt compelled you could simply run past in a minute or two. But in doing so one misses out on how much of the world and it’s people Valve poured into Half-Life 2. Realistically Valve could have been like almost every other game ever and had a grizzly voice snarl “The aliens took over. They oppressed us and broke us down. But we will fight back!” but by instead letting you see and feel the despair and sense of helplessness, the player is urged on.


Throughout the game, the tapestry of the story is filled in through little details like what I described as well as off handed comments and photos. Half-Life 2 was so radically different in terms of setting to it’s predecessor that even veterans of the first game were rendered just as confused and helpless their protagonist.


Another area where Half-Life 2 stands head and shoulders above the rest is in progression. Now I love some of campaign modes for Call of Duty but those games are a lot like someone screaming in your ear nonstop for five hours followed by the rolling of credits. There’s no real build up. No progression in energy. At the start of one of those games I’m shooting people in the face with a gun and by the end I’m shooting more people in the face with a slightly different gun. Sure I may have gone from fighting a bunch of guards to stopping a nuclear launch but strip down that and I’m essentially shooting guys in the face.


As previously mentioned, Half-Life 2 renders you completely powerless. You have no weapons, no tools and no allies to fight back. If a guard tells to get the hell away from you there’s nothing you can aside from getting beaten up. Throughout the course of the game, the player is very steadily given more and more tools to fight back. The first weapon given is a crowbar but lo and behold suddenly you can break down barriers and destroy those annoying camera robots. Then a pistol allows you to start killing guards. Then after fleeing for an hour or so from a killer attack chopper you’re given the tools to bring the damn thing to the ground. Eventually, after fleeing endless alien ant monsters, the player can sic them upon guards and start to really do some damage.


In the final section of the game, the player returns to the city from the start and finds all the oppressed civilians taking up arms by your side ready to take out any opposition. After a devastating fight against bizarre three legged alien tanks, the player breaks into the citadel and obtains the ability to hurl even the strongest guard about like a rag doll and crush anything that stands in your way.


Though it takes quite a while to give you the feeling of causing massive damage, Half-Life 2 makes you feel like you earn the right to be the strongest person ever and for that it feels that more special when you go from being beaten with rods at the start to disintegrating guards into nothingness by the end.


Although released after Halo 1, Half-Life 2 thankfully spurns the two greatest gameplay elements from that series that have now infested the DNA of first person shooters. These two are regenerating health and carrying two weapons at a time. While they have advantages, these are two gameplay elements that need to be removed from games for quite a while. It quite frankly gets tedious and illogical that I can be pummeled with bullets and then fine and dandy (Like sour candy) after hiding behind cover for two minutes. And why can I only carry two weapons at a time? For realism? I just got pummeled with bullets and then came out perfectly fine!


Half-Life 2 allows you to carry a full range of weapons ranging from pistols to machine guns to alien machine guns to, a crowbar to the wondrous gravity gun. Every weapon feels alive and real (Even the ones that aren’t real) The weapons feel heavy and feel like they actually fire with a real kick which makes it oh so satisfying when you down an enemy. Health and Armour must be found which makes it intense when a rouge grenade leaves you clamoring for health packs.


One area that no other game has been able to replicate in the whooping EIGHT YEARS since it came out is the blessed physics engines. Put simply, everything in the game can be picked up and has actual weight equal to what it would have in real life. A paint can is heavier than a chair which can both be picked up and thrown to an extent unlike a desk. That alone is special considering my call of duty super regenerating soldier can pummel a desk full of items that seem to be glued on. But valve make this more than a rather cool bit of detail by giving you the gravity gun.


The gravity gun is a weapon that allows you to defy your physical limits and pick up any item whatsoever in the game and hurl it back. Use it to assemble items to get to areas or suddenly a room full of chairs and desks becomes a room full of projectiles and shield. It’s theoretically possible to get through the whole game without firing a bullet once you get the gravity gun. And you’ve never fought zombies until you’ve hurled a buzz saw through them with amazing force and severed them in half.


Half Life 2 is a game that holds up amazing well. The graphics are a little rough around the edges, but Valve pioneered an amazing facial technology that allows every face to feel real without drifting into creepy, LA Noire uncanny valley. Valve designed the game to constantly keep you moving and never ever getting bored. I find most FPS games to be a tiresome slog because they never really change throughout the game. Once you’ve seen what they have in the first few hours the sense of wonder morphs into me checking gamefaqs to see how much longer I have to keep playing.


Valve keeps things interesting by having you keep going to radically different locations or introducing new gameplay mechanics. I can shift from racing through canals on a speedboat to working my way through a death trap and zombie filled town to cruising along highways on a race car to carefully avoiding touching sand that will trigger enemies. From start to finish Half-Life 2 is designed to keep you playing and keep you guessing.


Simple tutorials are turned into important story elements. Learning how to use the gravity gun is done by playing fetch with a giant robot dog. And what kind of ball do you throw? The same ball that’ll soon be introduced as deadly mine.


Half-Life 2 has a small cast but all of them make an impression to varying degrees. Dr Eli Vance is the kindly, warm scientist (voiced by the baboon from Lion King!) quick with a laugh. Dr Isaac Kliener is the kind of frazzled mad scientist, obsessed with turning a zombie making head crab into a beloved pet (“She may attempt to…couple with your head…fruitlessly I might add”). Dr Judith Mossman comes off as nice but clearly labors to be noticed by Dr Vance and clearly a little annoyed that your character seems to steal all the attention. A mysterious suited man haunts the side lines for most of the game only making his presence known at the start and end of the adventure. His curious speaking manner and choice of words leave you suspicious of his motives (He can spotted at multiple points in out of reach areas). Even the alien/human guards are given life through their static infused clips of dialogue. Yelling out orders to one another and screaming when being killed. (You know when you’ve killed them all as the long beep indicates their communications are shut off)


But two characters are the most unique I’ve ever encountered in gaming. The first is seeming antagonist, Dr Wallace Breen. Breen is essentially the face of the alien overlords and functions as a kind of puppet ruler. But his motives remain ambiguous up until the end and are never fully explained. At first he calmly transmits to civilian televisions about how our benefactors are here to help us ascend into the stars and that only the small minded would call them the combine (as they are known to all other characters in the game). After your character, Dr Gordon Freeman starts fighting back, Breen begins pleading with the populace to turn him in for the greater good. Though Breen presents a calm front to the populace, a transmission meant for the alien/human hybrid soldiers shows him extremely enraged that a man like Freeman can cause so much damage despite being a nerdy scientist (One of the great jokes of the series is that your character goes from his first day of employment as a scientist to a super army solider). Breen enrages that if humans don’t pull their weight, the combine will simply kill everyone and be done with it.


As the player gets closer and closer to Breen’s base of operations, private transmissions to Freeman reveal Breen as desperately pleading to stop the insanity to snarling that he’s dooming all of humanity in his mad lust. Breen’s argument seems to be that, hey, humanity may be horribly oppressed and unable to breed and grow but at least it’s alive. This is again thrown into question when the player finally meets Breen and hears him cackle that once he surrenders the captured player he can make any sort of deal he wants with the combine (despite calling those who use the word combine “Small minded”).


Even when fighting him at the end, Breen smugly remarks on the helplessness of the situation before screaming “You NEED me!” Upon dying.


The player is never really forced to call Breen’s actions into question. He’s pretty much a bad guy the whole time. But rather than making him a cackling psychopath, he’s presented in a way that the player can see layers of a deeply flawed man who may have been doing what he did for the greater good or simply because he’s just a jerk.


The final accomplishment is that of Alyx Vance. Little needs to be said of her other than that she accomplishes what no other character of her type has ever replicated. For one thing she’s a woman. She’s not presented a sexualised manner. She can fight and hold her own. She seldom needs to be protected or lead in the right direction. She never gets in the way and never makes things harder than they have to be. She’s genuine funny without resorting to “wisecracks” and you actually do miss her when she’s not around.


Half-Life 2 is an old game but it’s the kind of game that we really need more of. Half-Life 2 should have been surpassed and bettered or at the very least replicated. That it hasn’t is gaming as a whole’s loss but it means that Half-life 2 will continue to be a very special game.


The Dark Knight Rises trailer 3 analysis

I’m a pretty massive Batman fan and I also have a blog. Therefore I feel the desire to over analysis the amazing new trailer for the dark knight rises. Every second contains amazing observations. Guarenteed to contain at least three amazing revelations.

0:00-0:10 Lots of logos kick us off. The tension builds to an almighty height. I should point out that I really hate the new DC logo. Sorry, that thing is hideous.

0:10-0:14 Bruce Wayne with a beard! Film and television has taught me that a previously clean shaven character who grows a beard has fallen pretty deeply down into the pit of despair. No one ever grows a beard for fashion reasons.

0:14-0:17 “There’s a storm coming” OK, the Batman films have been utterly amazing and Christopher Nolan is a genius, but the line “A storm is coming” is such a horrible cliche. Could they really think of nothing better? Or are they attempting to reclaim this line’s awesomeness the same way they’re attempting to reclaim Bane and Catwoman’s awesomeness?

0:17-0:22 Mysterious glimpses of Alfred, Selena and Bane. Internet tells me the Bane shot is from the Imax preview footage from last year.

0:22-0:26 “You sound like you’re looking forward to it”. Seems like this a continuation of the scene between Selena and Bruce at some kind of party where a mask is acceptable. Also more imax preview footage.

0:26-0:28 “I’m adaptable” Anne Hathaway’s casting, while not up there with the “huh?” that greeted Heath Ledger’s casting still raised eyebrows. Looks like she’s really captured the devil may care attitude of Catwoman though.

0:28-0:31 Bane shows off his awesomeness and Nolan shows off his name. Really love the subtly they’re building so far. A nice change from the BWWWWAAAAAA noise that the Inception trailer used and now every trailer copies.

0:32-0:34 “What are you?” “I’m Gotham’s reckoning” One of the biggest controversies of this film has been the fact that Bane is impossible to understand. I don’t know if they’ve tweaked it or if the internet was overreacting but he’s easy to understand here. And I love how offhandedly Bane says this. Like he doesn’t care. Nice that Tom Hardy won’t just be hiding behind a cool mask and muscles.

0:34-0:54 Some amazing footage here. That stadium collapses again. A bride explodes. Guards fire their weapons in the air. People are pulled out from under furniture, screaming. Kids look terrified in a school bus (Is one of them Robin?) Joseph Gordon-Levitt looks distressed (Is he Robin?). All the while the usual sounds we’d hear are muted and all we hear is the eerie piano tune. Will this be the new trailer technique people rip off now?

0:55-0:58 “Did they kill him?” Asks Levitt “I’m not sure” replies a clearly traumatized Selina. Bruce is seen looking a wreck in the caves. He seems to look the same as he did in the second trailer when Bruce and Alfred spoke about the rise chant.

0:58-1:06 “Why didn’t you just kill me?” “Your punishment must be more severe” In Bane’s major appearance, the comic arc Knightfall, he was an incredibly strong, drugged up psychopath who rather than simply storm over to Batman and punch him, set about a long and drawn out campaign to throw lesser enemies at Batman. This was so he could steadily wear down Batman both physically and mentally and only when he was on the utter brink did Bane storm in and shatter Batman’s spine. Although the back shattering itself was what became iconic, the fact that Bane was determined shatter Bruce mentally to the point that he would suffer a broken man for the rest of his days was what made Bane a truly memorable villain. The Batman and Robin film made Bane a grunting strongman, incapable of thought. Nice they’re using the actually good Bane has a basis for the film. Also, why must Bruce be punished? What does he actually want anyway?

1:06-1:08 HOPE IS LOST. Some corners of the internet are determined to create a fight between which comic film is better, Avengers or Dark Knight Rises. While it should be clear that they’re completely different types of films, the fact that one has Robert Downey Jr joking and the other outright says HOPE IS LOST should make it clear they can both exist in harmony.

1:08-1:10 A kid draws a bat symbol and asks Levitt “Do you think he’s coming back?” Is the kid Robin? (At this point in the films, a kid only needs to sneeze in the background in order for him to be pinpointed as Robin)

1:11-1:13 Bane carries a broken piece of Batman’s mask (indicating that rather than being a cool shot for the poster, will actually be a major part of the film). “I don’t know” Replies Levitt to the kid. Who exactly is Levitt playing? He’s apparently a beat cop named John Blake but what role does he play in all this?

1:13-1:17 Selena looks scared, Batman gets the snot kicked out of him and a hardcore looking Bat Tumbler rolls through the streets.

1:18-1:22 “Why would you run?” “You should be afraid of him as I am” Bane looks increasingly hardcore. The scenes of Gotham in chaos increase and the trailer is building in energy.

1:23-1:25 FAITH IS BROKEN. Broken you say? Broken like Batman’s back after Bane dealt with him? Someone loves drawing these comparisons to Knightfall.

1:26-1:32 “I won’t bury you. I’ve buried enough members of the Wayne family” What’s made these films work so incredibly well is that despite the fact that this a character who dresses as a bat to beat up flamboyant lunatics, everyone involved from Nolan to the composer to the actors treats the thing with the utmost level of seriousness. They’re not winking painfully to the audience like Tim Burton and Joel Shumacker. They’re making a proper film dammit.

1:32-1:35 A FIRE WILL RISE. Batman walks forward in response. In Knightfall, Bruce had to call upon a less than sane man to take over his role while his spine was shattered. Will someone fill in that role in the film? Is that what Levitt’s role is?

1:35-1:39 “You don’t owe these people anymore” Anne Hathaway proves beyond a doubt she’ll be awesome. And Bane is now proven to be an exciting villain who will surely match Joker.

1:39-1:44 “You’ve given them everything” Levitt raises his hands in the air (Like he just don’t care) and Morgan Freeman pops up to remind he exists and that he’d really love it if you bought Dolphin Tale on DVD or blu-ray.

1:45-1:50 “Not everything” whispers Batman. Has he ever whispered as Batman before? He normally just growls and snarls. “Not yet”. Seems like Batman is ready to sacrifice himself. What is Bane up to? He’s having a massive brawl and giving Gary Oldman grief by the looks of it.

1:50-1:50 ON JULY 20. That’s too far away!!!!!!!

1:51-1:52 A prisoner does a cool wrist flip. An almighty riot breaks out. Looks like third act material.

1:52-1:56 THE EPIC CONCLUSION. Stuff blows up, Batman fights Bane again, Batman kisses a woman who may or may not be Marion Collitard and who in turn may or may not be playing Talia Al Guhl, Catwoman kicks people.

1:57-2:05 TO THE DARK KNIGHT LEGEND. A new flying bat mobile. Guys race along the street. Bane acts like a military leader. Batman wield some kind of future gun thingy. The music build so much a feel I will explode.

2:05-2:08 BOOM!!! THE DARK KNIGHT RISES appears on screen. The background starts as a bat symbol then seems to evaporate into light. The epic score is replaced by that freaky chant we’ve been hearing for a year. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

2:08-2:15 But wait, there’s a stinger at the end. “My mother warned me about getting into cars with strange men” “This isn’t a car” replies Batman and then has the bat mobile fly over Gotham! Nice that they end it with a little joke. The whole trailer was pretty intense.

2:16-2:18 EXPERIENCE IT IN IMAX. If they still had an Imax in Adelaide I would but alas I’ll have to see it in normal vision. It really is nice they’re not forcing it into 3D.

So what have we learned from this? Not a whole lot really. Although it’s clearly established that the film will be amazing, much of the overall narrative remains shrouded in mystery. Who exactly is Bane? What does he really want? What is Joesph Gordon-Levitt’s role in all this? More importantly, just what part is Marion Collitard playing? She’s been screaming it’s an original character for months now but the internet (And myself included) pinpoint her as Ra’s al Guhl’s daughter, Talia. Liam Neeson will be having a cameo, a guy has been cast as a young Ra’s and a younger girl actress spilled the beans she was playing Talia. It certainly seems like they’ll have a role to play in the whole film.

Plot prediction: The League of Shadows uses Bane and possibly Catwoman to some extent to enact an almighty strike on Gotham city. The goal being to wipe it clean and start a perfect utopia like in Batman Begins. However Bane has his own agenda, specifically one involving a real or imagined rivalry with Batman that leads him to “Break” him in some capacity. Batman, distraught or crippled goes off the grid leaving Gotham to fend for itself. Bane wreaks havoc and almost brings the city to it’s knees. Joesph Gordon-Levitt, feeling helpless, get’s a hold of some bat gear and seeks to resurrect the Dark Knight to fight against the chaos. Bruce gets back in the game despite people telling him otherwise and along the way deals with his female assistant/possible lover who reveals herself to be Talia. Talia either gloats about the chaos or realizes Bane is completely insane. Either way, the whole thing climax at a massive set piece in the city square in which Bruce either dies or passes the torch to Joesph Gordon-Levitt, who may or may not get a Robin along the way to please the fan boys. Either way the Dark Knight effectively rises. We’ll find out July 20. Until then I’ll be replaying Arkham City and reading as much Batman as I can get my hands on.

A have a blog now.

Hello world. I woke up one day and thought “Why not start a blog? I have stuff to say, stuff people should damn well listen to so why not make a blog?” So after several weeks of forgetting the idea and then remembering it, I finally made a blog which you now see before you. I figure this’ll be a forum for my random thoughts on movies, tv and gaming as well as whatever else I feel the internet needs. I write stories now and then, maybe those will pop up.